Torrid Credit Card

Word Torrid is derived from word Torree that is a Latin verb which means to burn. Torrid is basically an apparel company with total 600 stores across the USA with operation in 36 states.  Torrid is a clothing retailer whose products are for age of 18 years and plus. Main target market is women that have size of 10 to 30. It has wide variety but it varies from store to store. So it is possible that you have seen a product at one store may be not available at another store.  For creating brand loyalty and keeping customer happy it offer many rewards programs for the customer. It also offers Torrid Credit Card that is a store card only. This credit card can be used at torrid stores only. This card is issued by Comenity bank. Torrid also have Special Birthday offers for their customers, but this offers are granted only to Torrid Credit Card holder.   


You can earn 5% off at every purchase at Torrid Store. 

Welcome Bonus:

You will get 40% off at your first purchase. You also can get special new card offer that is $15 off at purchase of $50 or more.

Annual Fee:

This card has no annual fee.

Intro APR:

Intro APR is not offered at this card

Regular APR:

Regular APR at this card is 29.25%.

Balance Transfer Fee:

This card does not have balance transfer facility.

Foreign Transaction Fee:

This card can used at Torrid stores only. You can- not use it for international transaction. 

Credit Needed:

To get this card you have need fair credit score history

Late Payment Penalty:

In the case of late payment, a penalty fee of $40 will be charged. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Torrid Credit Card be used anywhere?

Torrid Credit Cards is a store or retailer credit card that can be used at torrid Stores only. You can-not use it at other online places just like Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart etc. This card can’t be used at ATM for cash withdrawals.  

How to pay bill of the Torrid Credit Card?

You can pay bill through the large network of Comenity Bank Branches, Torrid Stores or online using Torrid store app. Torrid accept all Visa, Master Card, American Express debit and credit cards. 

How can I get credit card from Torrid?

You can apply credit card at Torrid stores or you have also facility to apply at website

How much a Torrid Credit Card cost?

Torrid Credit Card has no annual or monthly fee. It is a free card to create customer brand loyalty. Special discounts and rewards are offered to credit card holder without any charges.   

Torrid Credit Card takes how much time for approval?

You needed just 10 minutes to apply. After apply it takes normally 10-14 business days to get approval and dispatch of physical card at your address.

Can I use Torrid credit card virtually?

Yes you can use Torrid credit card virtually, Torrid have an app that allow you payments through app. You can use it virtually at Torrid stores also. 

Can Torrid Credit Card affect credit score?

Yes, it affects your credit score as it is full fledge credit card. If you don’t make two billing payments, it will respond to credit bureaus that will damage your credit score. Additionally you will be fined $40 as late payment charges with charge of high rate interest.

Can Torrid credit card expire?

No, Torrid credit card have no expiry. You have to make payments of bill within due dates. Your card will remain in active status. Late payment may cause inactive of this card.

How can I increase my Torrid credit card limit?

After reasonable spending within six months, you can call to helpline for enhancement of card limit. Team will analyze you spending and payment behavior with fresh credit score. Hopefully you will get extra limit, if all found ok. 

How to get cancel my Torrid credit card?

For cancellation of Torrid credit card procedure is very simple. You just have to call helpline with a request of cancellation of the card. Your card will be cancelled ta spot after verification. 

What is minimum payment for Torrid Credit card?

When you have Torrid Credit Card, due to any financial crises if you are not able to pay full bill within due dates than you have opportunity to pay 5% of outstanding balance with interest. Minimum payment will not hurt your credit score.

Which bank issue Torrid Credit Card?

Torrid Credit Card that is basically a retailer or store card is issued by Comenity Bank.  So card issuer helps you for bill payment and also support card related issues. 

What is Torrid Cash?

Torrid Cash is basically a rewards program for customers. But offer are valid for the purchases at Torrid Stores only. You get special offers to save your money.