Talbots Credit Card

Yet, Talbots credit card is best for women who are looking timely, extraordinary quality and memorable services for a fashion brand. Main products include sweaters, blouses, teen & knits, pants, jeans, shorts, jackets & outwears, dresses, skirts, suiting, loungewear, sleepwear, swimwear, shoes, work wear and part wear. Further, Talbots credit card is usable at Sperry, Keds, Sorel and SeaVeas purchases.   

Undeniably, Talbots credit cards is basically a store card that can be used at store purchases only. Moreover, It is issued by Comenity Bank. Now, main drawback of this card is that, it does not offer welcome bonus. However, it have extra benefits that are;

·        First, you will get extra 10% off as a birthday bonus discount.

·        Second, you will get Bonus Style Points during anniversary month.

·        Third, you can return without a receipt.

·        Forth, you will get extra 5% off during semiannual sales.

·       Fifth, you will get free shipping with Premier Status.


Meanwhile, For getting Premier Card status, you have to spend $1,000 each year.


Surprisingly, You can earn1 style point for every dollar spent. Certainly, Your earing will be 1.25 style points with each dollar spent, if you have get the status of premier card.

Welcome Bonus:

Naturally, This card does not offer welcome or sign up bonus.

Annual Fee:

With a doubt, This card has no annual fee.

Intro APR:

However, Intro APR is not offered at this card.

Regular APR:

Furthermore, Regular APR at this card is 27.24%.

Balance Transfer Fee:

In addition, Balance transfer facility is not available with this card.

Foreign Transaction Fee:

Following this, Foreign Transaction Facility is not available at this card.

Credit Needed:

Summing up, To get this card you have need fair or good credit score history. Your score should be 650 or plus.

Late Payment Penalty:

Late Payment charges at this card are $39.

What is $25 Style Rewards?

On the whole, different features of different card programs are as under;


TalBots Loyalty Card

TalBots Credit Card

TalBots Credit Card Premier

First Purchase Discount




$25 Style Rewards at 500 Style Points




Style Points per dollar spent




% Back in style rewards




Birthday Bonus




Special Offers & Exclusive Excess




Anniversary Bonus Gift

100 Points

100 Points

250 Points

Zero Fraud Liability




Free Shipping




Extra 5% off during semiannual sale




Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Talbots Credit Cards be used anywhere?

Without reservation, Talbot’s Credit Card is a store credit card that cannot be used everywhere. Thus, You can use it at store purchases only,

How to pay bill of the Talbots Credit Cards?

In any case, You can pay bill through the large network of Comenity Bank Branches, Talbots Stores or online using Talbots store app. Talbots accept all Visa, Master Card, American Express debit and credit cards.

How can I get credit card from Talbots?

Thus, You can apply credit card at Talbots stores or you have also facility to apply at website www.Talbots.com

How much a Talbot's Credit Card cost?

As has been noted, Talbots Credit Cards have no annual or monthly fee. It is a free card to create customer brand loyalty. Furthermore, Special discounts and rewards are offered to credit card holder without any charges.   

Talbots Credit Cards take how much time for approval?

For Talbots Credit Cards, you needed just 10 minutes to apply. Although, After apply it takes normally 10-14 business days to get approval and dispatch of physical card at your address.

Can I use Talbots credit cards virtually?

Yes you can use Talbots’s credit card virtually, Talbots have an app that allow you payments through app. You can use it virtually at Talbots’s stores also.

Can Talbots Credit Cards affect credit score?

Definitely, answer is Yes, Talbots Credit Cards affects your credit score as it is full fledge credit card. If you don’t make two billing payments, it will respond to credit bureaus that will damage your credit score. Additionally you will be fined as late payment.

How to get cancel my Talbot's credit card?

Indeed, for cancellation of Talbot’s credit card procedure is very simple. At this point, You just have to call helpline with a request of cancellation of the card. Your card will be cancelled ta spot after verification.

Which bank issue Talbots Credit Card?

Obviously, Talbots Credit Card that is Visa card is issued by Comenity Bank.  So card issuer helps you for bill payment and also support card related issues.

Can I use Talbots credit cards at Wal-Mart?

Talbot’s Credit Card is a store credit card that cannot be used at anywhere. You can use it at store purchases only. 

Can Talbots credit cards be used internationally?

In fact, Talbot’s Credit Cards is a store or retailer credit card that can be used at Talbots Stores only. You can not use it for international transactions.

Does Talbots Credit Cards have an App?

To conclude, Yes, just like other credit cards in the market, Talbot’s Credit Card has an App for its user.  This App help’s in buying, rewards redemption, checking account status and for payment of bills.