Milestone Credit Card

Yet, Milestone Credit Card is best when you have taken some bad financial decisions in the past. Further, It is also suitable when you are new to credit card world. Following this, In both situations you have need for credit building. Thus, Milestone Credit card mainly is for credit building. However it have high fees, no rewards, no welcome or sign up bonus, no perks. Despite of many drawbacks, it support in worst situation.

In fact, Milestone’s credit Card is basically Master Card that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Its limit is from $300 to $1,000. It is unsecured credit card without any security deposit. So when you have no money to take corrective measures for credit building, you can do this without any security or advance deposit.


The Bank of Missouri is issuer of this card. You can use it even at ATM for cash withdrawals but cash withdrawal limit is just $100. You can get this card with bad or poor credit score. This card high monthly fee of $15 and annual fee $35 to $99 per year depends upon card. In this situation it is possible that your card limit of $300 may cost you $100 that is too much. So Discover It Secured Credit Card is much better than this card. 

Types of Milestone Credit Card

In any case, WayFair issue three types of credit cards.

  1. Milestone Master Card 300

Annual Fee at this card is $35 per year.

  1. Milestone Master Card 301

Annual Fee at this card is $99 per year.

  1. Milestone Master Card 322

Annual Fee at this card is $59 per year.

Additional Benefits:

Moreover, With this card you got following additional benefits.

  • Theft protection
  • Lost Card Assistance
  • 24 house Helpline Services

Requirements to apply Milestone Credit Cards:

To apply for Milestone’s Credit Card, you have following requirements that are mandatory.

  1. Photo Identification Documents that contain address
  2. Street Address not PO  Box
  3. 18 years of age and plus


Naturally, This card does not offer any reward.

Welcome Bonus:

As has been noted, There is no welcome Bonus at this card.

Annual Fee:

First, Annual Fee at Milestone Master Card 300 is $35 per year.

Second, Annual Fee at Milestone Master Card 301 is $99 per year.

Third, Annual Fee at Milestone Master Card 322 is $59 per year.

Intro APR:

This card have no Intro APR facility.

Regular APR:

Regular APR at this card is 36.00% that is variable.

Balance Transfer Fee:

Balance transfer depends upon terms and conditions

Foreign Transaction Fee:

At this point, Foreign Transaction Fee at this card is at 3%.

Credit Needed:

Surprisingly, To get this card bad or poor credit score history is acceptable.

Monthly Fee:

Monthly Fee at this card is $15.

Late Payment:

To conclude, Late payment charges at this card are $40.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Milestone Credit Cards be used anywhere?

At this time, Milestone’s Credit Card is full fledging credit card that is issued by the Bank of Missouri and powered by MasterCard. You can use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  You can use it even ATM for cash withdrawals.

How to pay bill of the Milestone Credit Cards?

Now, You can pay bill through the large network of Bank of Missouri Branches. Milestone accepts all Visa, Master Card, American Express debit and credit cards. It also accepts PayPal for bills payment.

How can I get credit card from Milestone?

And so forth, You can apply credit card at Milestone’s website

How much a Milestone's Credit Card cost?

Undeniably, Milestone’s Credit Card has high annual fee that is range from $35 to $99 depends upon the type of card. Further it also have monthly fee of $15. So Millstone Credit Card charge high amount for fees.

Can I use Milestone credit cards virtually?

Without a doubt, answer is Yes you can use Milestone’s credit card virtually, Milestone have an app that allow you payments through app. You can use it virtually at anywhere.

How can I increase my Milestone credit cards limit?

Although, Milestone’s Credit card does not entertain request for limit enhancement. Limit at these cards is $300 to $1,000. You have to use it just for credit building and improving credit score.

How to get cancel my Milestone's credit card?

Meanwhile, for cancellation of Milestone’s credit card procedure is very simple. You just have to call helpline with a request of cancellation of the card. Your card will be cancelled ta spot after verification.

Which bank issue Milestone Credit Cards?

Of course, Milestone’s Credit Card is full fledging Visa card that is powered by MasterCard and is issued by Bank of Missouri.  So card issuer helps you for bill payment and also support card related issues.

Can I use Milestone credit cards at Wal-Mart?

Without reservation, Milestone’s Credit Card is full fledging credit card. It can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You can use it at Wall-Mart.

Does Milestone Credit Cards have an App?

Obviously, answer is Yes, just like other credit cards in the market, Milestone Credit Card has an App for its user.  This App help’s in buying, checking account status and for payment of bills.

Is it difficult to get a Milestone's Credit Card?

No it is very easy to get this card. You can get approval even with poor or bad credit score. This card is credit building so criteria is very easy.

Is it worth having a Milestone's Credit Card?

Certainly, Milestone’s Credit card has worth for those who have lost their credit score due to some bad decisions or financial problems. This card is also suitable for those who want build good credit score and are new to credit card world.

What is starting limit of Milestone Credit Cards?

Normal starting limit of Milestone’s credit card is $300. However it depends upon your credit score history, number of already credit cards you have and your payment behavior. Total limit at this card will not exceed $1,000.

What kind of credit card is Milestone?

Following this, Milestone’s credit card is un secured credit that is issued without any security deposit. It is issued by The Bank of Missouri and powered by MasterCard. You can use this card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Can Milestone Credit cards increase limit?

Accordingly, Milestone’s Credit Card limit is from $300 to $1,000. However limit decided at the time of card membership will never be changes.

Does Milestone Credit Cards require a deposit?

Milestone’s Credit Card is unsecure credit; it does not require any security deposit. You can get this card without any deposit.

What is Milestone cash advance limit?

You can withdrawal only $100 from the ATM. You are not allowed to withdraw full amount or amount more than $100. This feature is just for emergency cash need.