PayPal Credit Card

Yet, PayPal Credit Card is more than just a credit card. Thus, you can get immediate online approval of this card if your credit score is excellent. PayPal card limit is ranged from $250 to $10,000. Next, Issuer of this card is Synchrony Bank. Obviously, when you make purchases at PayPal through this card your reward is 3%.  Following this, a few cards in the market offer 2% reward at ever kind of purchase. PayPal give rewards in shape of cash back. Rewards are paid immediately with the transaction. You can redeem rewards for PayPal purchases or can get credit in your checking account. Undeniably, with this card you can get markup free products for six months, but purchases should have worth $99 or more at PayPal.


Certainly, there is no annual fee and you can create PayPal account free of cost online. Further, receiving a Crypto Transfer or transferring crypto to another PayPal account is totally free. Furthermore, PayPal is not a physical card but it is powered by MasterCard, so you can use it anywhere Master Card is accepted. Moreover, you can use for ATM withdrawal. ATM daily withdrawals limit $400. In any case, you can use it for shopping, travel, gas station, dining, drug stores, groceries and anywhere online. Finally,  drawback of this card is that it does not offer any welcome or sign up bonus. 

Withdrawal Limit:

Indeed, PayPal credit cards have following withdrawal limit pattern;

Per Transaction-$5,000

Per Day-$5,000

Per Week-$5,000

Per Month-$15,000

Additional Benefits:

Naturally, with this card you got following additional benefits.

  • Theft protection
  • Purchase Protection
  • Lost Card Assistance
  • 24 house Helpline Services
  • No currency conversion fee for online purchases
  • 15% discount at airports through MasterCard Airport Concierge

Requirements to apply PayPal Credit Card

To apply for PayPal Credit Cards, you have following requirements that are mandatory.

  1. Photo Identification Documents that contain address
  2. Street Address not PO Box
  3. Excellent Credit Score 750 or plus
  4. 18 years of age and plus

First, you can earn 3% cash back for purchases at PayPal.

Second, you can earn 2% for all kind of purchases.

Welcome Bonus:

Equally important, PayPal credit card does not offer any welcome or sign up bonus.

Annual Fee:

Surprisingly, This card has no annual fee.

Intro APR:

Of course, 0% for 6 months for PayPal purchases of $99 or more.

Regular APR:

Meanwhile, Regular APR at this card is 19.25% to 31.25% that is variable.

Balance Transfer Fee:

Certainly, Balance transfer fee at this card is 1.75%.

Foreign Transaction Fee:

Foreign Transaction Fee at this card is at 3%.

Credit Needed:

Positively, to get this card you have need excellent credit score history. Credit score of 700 or plus is needed.

Cash APR:

Cash APR at this card is 24.00%

Late Payment Charges:

Summing up, Late Payment Charges at this card are $40.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can PayPal Credit Cards be used anywhere?

Since, PayPal Credit Cards are full fledging credit cards that are issued by Synchrony Bank and is powered by MasterCard. You can use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

How to pay bill of the PayPal Credit Cards?

For the same reason, You can pay bill through the large network of Synchrony Bank Branches, PayPal Stores or online using PayPal store app. PayPal accept all Visa, Master Card, American Express debit and credit cards.

How much a PayPal Credit Card cost?

Still, PayPal Credit Cards have no annual or monthly fee.  While it has attractive rewards and deferred payments facility up to six months. This card give you access to large number of online retailers and customers with unlimited benefits.

Can I use PayPal credit cards virtually?

Evidently, Yes you can use PayPal’s credit card virtually, PayPal have an app that allow you payments through app. There are a lot of retailers that allow you payment through PayPal.  

Which bank issue PayPal's Credit Card?

Thereafter, PayPal’s Credit Card is full fledging Visa card that is powered by MasterCard and is issued by Synchrony Bank.  So card issuer helps you for bill payment and also support card related issues.

Can I use PayPal's credit card at Amazon?

No, you can use it at Amazon directly. However there are many indirect ways to use it at amazon. For example you can buy gift cards through PayPal that can be used at Amazon. 

Can PayPal's credit card be used internationally?

On the whole, PayPal’s Credit Card is full fledging credit card that is issued by Synchrony Bank and is powered by MasterCard. You can use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You can it for foreign transactions. Foreign Transaction Fee at this card 3% of amount. 

Does PayPal's Credit Card have an App?

Yes, just like other credit cards in the market, PayPal’s Credit Card has an App for its user.  This App help’s in buying, rewards redemption, checking account status and for payment of bills.

Is it difficult to get a PayPal's Credit Card?

Always, answer is Yes, to apply for this card you have need of excellent credit score history. It is indicator that PayPal have huge number of customers, and these customers are quality customers.

Is it worth having a PayPal Credit Card?

At this point, PayPal’s Credit card user enjoys huge cash back reward without paying any annual fee. Main attraction in this card is deferred payments facility. 0% for 6 months when you buy product of $99 or more.

Does PayPal Rewards expire?

PayPal’s Card rewards never expires.  PayPal earned rewards will be paid at each day. You can use it for PayPal purchases or can get cash into your checking account.

How to get PayPal Credit Card?

In this situation, for getting PayPal’s credit card you just need a free sign up. PayPal will analyze your credit score and will take immediate decision of your approval. In a few minutes you will be able to use the credit card.

What is starting limit of PayPal Credit Card?

In conclusion, normal starting limit of PayPal’s credit card is $250. However it depends upon your credit score history, number of already credit cards you have and your payment behavior.