Gap Credit Card

When you are regular user of Gap products, Gap Credit Card is best for you. Undeniably, Gap refers to Ganga Action Plan. Gap is known as Gap Inc. Naturally, it is an American apparel & accessories brand that have high quality product with affordable prices. It have more than 3100 retail store with online presence. Gap is favorite brand of more than 30% population of USA. Gap Inc. includes four brands;

·         Gap

·         Banana Republic Merchandise

·         Old Navy

·         Athleta

Indeed, You can use Gap Credit Card for buying at all four famous brands. This card is issued by Barclays Bank.  You can earn 5 points rewards for each dollar spending at these brands. This card master card you can use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted. However for spending at outside your earning rewards is 1 point for each dollar spend. For better understanding, after spending $1,000 at Gap Products you can earn 500 points that have worth of $50. For every 100 points you get one dollar. Main drawback of the rewards is that these could be redeemed at Gap buying only because this card provides reward in shape of points not in the shape of cash. 

Types of card:

First, When your spending are $500 or more your status is Core.

Second, When your spending is $500 to $1,000 your status is Enthusiast.

Third, When your spending are $1,000 or more your status is Icon.


You have opportunity to earn up to 2,000 points each year when you shop at two more brands of Gap. You will get rewards points in such a way.

2 Brands =500 Points

3 Brands =1,000 Points

4 Brands =2,000 Points

Additional benefits:

  • With this card you get special birth days gifts
  • You get Quarterly Bonus.
  • You have opportunity to donate with these rewards points
  • This card gives you $0 Fraud Liability Protection.
  • You will enjoy free shipping at order of $50 and plus. This card provide you super cash program to earn more money. With this program you are provided discount coupon throughout the year for discounted products of Old Navy and Online Stores.


Surprisingly, You can earn 5 points for every dollar spends for buying of Gap Inc.

Following this, You can earn 1 point for every dollar spends for buying outside the Gap Inc.

Welcome Bonus:

Simultaneously, You will earn 20%off for first purchase at Gap Inc. But there is restriction that this purchase should be within first 14 days of card membership.

Annual Fee:

Hence, This card has no annual fee.

Intro APR:

This card does not offer Intro APR.

Regular APR:

Regular APR at this card is 26.00% that is variable.

Balance Transfer Fee:

This card does not have balance transfer facility.

Foreign Transaction Fee:

Certainly, Foreign Transaction Fee at this card is at 3%.

Credit Needed:

Summing, To get this card you have need excellent or very good credit score history. Your score should be 700 or plus.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Gap Credit Cards be used anywhere?

On the whole, Gap Credit Cards are using Master Card network and cards are issued by Barclays Bank. It could be used at every place where MasterCard is accepted. You can use it at ATM for cash withdrawal also.

How to pay bill of the Gap Credit Cards?

Definitely, You can pay bill through the large network of Barclays Bank Branches, Gap Stores or online using Gap store app. Gap accept all Visa, Master Card, American Express debit and credit cards.

How can I get credit card from Gap?

You can apply credit card at Gap’s stores or you have also facility to apply at website

How much a Gap Credit Card cost?

As has been noted, Gap Credit Cards & Gap Master Credit Card have no annual or monthly fee. It is a free card to create customer brand loyalty. Special discounts and rewards are offered to credit card holder without any charges.   

Which bank issue Gap Credit Cards?

Obviously, Gap Credit Cards are full fledging Master cards that are powered by MasterCard and is issued by Barclays Bank.  So card issuer helps you for bill payment and also support card related issues.

Can I use Gap credit cards at Wal-Mart?

And so forth,  answer is Yes, Gap Credit Card is powered by Master Card and issued by Barclays Bank, you can use it anywhere also for Wal-Mart buying.

How much worth have Gap 1000 points?

In any case, Gap credit has complex rewards system. However its 1,000 points have worth equal to $10. Earned rewards can be used only for Gap brands buying. You can use earned points also for donations.

Can Gap credit card be used internationally?

Yes, Gap Credit Card is powered by Master Card and issued by Barclays Bank.  You can use this it for international transaction. But 3% Foreign Transaction Fee will charge.

Does Gap Credit Card have an App?

Yes, just like other credit cards in the market, Gap Credit Card has an App for its user.  This App help’s in buying, rewards redemption, checking account status and for payment of bills.

What is Gap Super Cash?

Gap Super Cash id reward or discount program to earn more saving at Old Navy and Online Stores. Basically this program offer coupon that provides discounts thought the year. These coupons are provided from time to time.